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3d render. Private villa pool view over night , exterior.

Luxury Home Interior Design Trends in 2021

Home interior design evolves through time, both short-term and long-term. Different designs emerge, and consumer preferences change. These changes turn into trends, which many people are in favor of.  Trends in luxury home interior desi...

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Laundry Room Interior

4 Luxury Home Features Buyers Are Looking For

Each year the taste of wealthy buyers shift when it comes to real estate properties. Hence, keeping up with the trend plays a critical role in ensuring you get the best deal possible when selling a luxury home. Remodeling projects merely increa...

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Get to Know the Neighborhood You’re Moving Into

When you are on the hunt for a home, you don’t only look at the home itself but also at the neighborhood where it’s situated. Even if you want your home to be your personal Shangri-La, if it’s located in an area that doesn’t sync wi...

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