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4 Luxury Home Features Buyers Are Looking For

Each year the taste of wealthy buyers shift when it comes to real estate properties. Hence, keeping up with the trend plays a critical role in ensuring you get the best deal possible when selling a luxury home. Remodeling projects merely increase home values by 50 to 80 percent, so knowing the features that need necessary upgrades is essential. 

If you remodel just about anything without thoroughly evaluating market demands, you will only incur more financial losses. In this article, we provided a list of sought-after luxury home features so you can better prepare your properties before you proceed to the selling stage. 

Laundry Room

Laundry Room Interior

According to the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB), many homebuyers look for luxury houses with a separate laundry room inside. Of course, it would be more convenient to have a space to stack all your clean laundry other than the guest room. It helps make your home look more appealing since it puts mess out of your living space. 

In case you do not have an existing laundry room, you can always add one to attract more customers. The basement would have to be on top of the list of areas to place the laundry room since it is the easiest and cheapest option. However, you should know that most homebuyers want a laundry room that is close to their bedroom. So if you truly want to revamp your property, expect to spend around $10,000 for this upgrade.

Appliances and Windows

Window Weather Seal Application

Reports say that the majority of home shoppers are looking for energy-efficient homes. You would most likely close a deal more quickly if the property you are selling has Energy Star- qualified windows and appliances. Homes like this can limit utility bills, that is why it is on the list of most-wanted luxury home features.

Evaluate your budget for remodeling projects and invest in these money-saving features, if possible. It can help you get more customers in return.


Beautiful Backyard

Of course, homebuyers look for real estate properties that have a great backyard area. They often imagine themselves relaxing or having drinks with family and friends in the said outdoor space. When you are preparing for a resale, make sure to give your patio a nice makeover. 

You should know that home renovation reality shows have influenced the taste of most real estate buyers. See to it that you upgrade your patio according to the most sought-after outdoor space layout. You can check shows like DIY Network’s America’s Most Desperate Landscape and HGTV’s Going Yard.

Exterior Lighting

Home at Night

You should work on the exterior lighting if you want to catch the attention of potential homebuyers even before they set foot in the property. The feature can highlight your outdoor space, especially at night. Exterior lighting can subtly help you engage with potential home shoppers. If your budget permits, make sure to do an upgrade. 

Final Thoughts

A laundry room, energy-efficient appliances and windows, a patio, and exterior lighting are just some of the sought-after luxury home features. The list goes on. You just have to keep up with the latest trends to know how you should remodel your house before putting it on sale. If you are from La Crescenta / Montrose, Altadena, or Burbank, Imuragent can provide you with an excellent and top-notch real estate service. Just contact us at 818.949.5205 and make sure to fill out this form.

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