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5 Marketing mistakes to avoid when selling your home

5 Marketing mistakes to avoid when selling your home

Real estate marketing, when done right, can lead to better and faster home sales. So, when it comes to selling your home in a highly competitive market, it is best to enter the fray prepared with the most effective marketing moves so that costly mistakes and future regrets can be prevented.

Here are some of the common marketing mistakes to avoid:

Offering an unrealistic price

It’s crucial to price your home correctly to prevent buyers from skipping your listing. Ask for too little and you’ll be on the losing end of the deal; ask for too much and you might not get an offer at all.

To get the pricing right, it helps to do a comparative market analysis. Check how much other similar homes in your area are being sold for so you could set a fair and realistic price that will attract potential buyers. Take note, though, that you won’t be the only one doing a comparative market analysis – so will the buyers. Thus, you must be one step ahead of them.

Using low-quality photos

Remember that your home’s pictures are the first thing that buyers will see. Don’t scrimp on their quality! Well-composed and high-resolution shots of strategic areas of your home will leave a good impression and entice potential buyers into wanting to see more.

In a time when smartphones can almost rival professional cameras in taking high-quality photos, the possibility of uploading pixelated, blurry photos of your home is little to nil. But if you want to ensure that your home is expertly captured in photos, best to hire a professional real estate photographer.

Writing poor descriptions for the property

With La Cañada Flintridge real estate being among the more coveted in California, you will be competing with many other sellers for buyer attention. Rather than simply stating the basic features of your house in a listing, give them something worth reading with a catchy description. Focus on what makes your home special, what makes it better than other properties in the market, and why it would be a steal.

Underestimating the power of video and virtual tours

With the global pandemic hanging above our heads these days, going digital in marketing a home is now the best way to go. Marketing experts are now recommending virtual tours in place of the pre-COVID-19 open houses as these not only adhere to present safety protocols but also allow potential buyers to ask questions in real time. Video walkthroughs can also positively impact sales, especially when shared via social media channels. In fact, posts with videos get 1,200 percent more shares than those without.

Not hiring an agent

If you’re a first-time home seller, it would do you well to work with a real estate agent, especially since the process itself can be time-consuming and stressful. If left to your own defenses, you determine the right asking price, post the property in various listing services, show the house, negotiate with interested buyers, and manage legal documents. But when you have a knowledgeable real estate agent by your side, all that weight is taken off your shoulders.

Let me, Kathy Seuylemezian, help you in getting the right combination of marketing strategies to effectively sell your home. Call me at 818.949.5205 or email me at kathy(at)imuragent(dotted)com.

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