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6 Remodeling tips to raise home resale value

Young woman and a construction worker renovating an apartment.

So you have plans of putting your home alongside other La Cañada homes for sale. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you get a great deal out of this real estate transaction.

Simply putting out an ad in the papers about your house for sale and placing a “For Sale” sign in your front yard will just not cut it these days. Apart from making killer marketing moves online and in the physical world, you also need to prepare your home so that you can command a higher resale value. This can be done with smart home remodeling.

Here are several remodeling tips that will bring your home’s value up by several notches at resale:

  1. Boost your curb appeal

    Examining the exterior will be a potential buyer’s first interaction with your home. Thus, it is ideal for you to leave a positive impression right from the get-go.

    A well-maintained lawn tells buyers that you pay close attention to every detail. Consider hiring a good landscaping expert who can translate your ideal lawn vision into reality.

    Seeing some cracks in your driveway? Have it repaired. Also, go the extra mile and have your home’s outer walls painted for that look of freshness.

  2. Add a terrace or deck

    Adding a terrace or deck is a good idea to take guest hosting capabilities to the next level. Potential buyers will appreciate the additional space for entertaining friends and family. Whether it’s for cookouts, outdoor activities, or just straight up rest and recreation, this type of improvement has something in store for different kinds of people. Consider installing a covered terrace as well to keep the weather from raining down on anybody’s party.

  3. Spice up your living room

    The living room is that part of a home that incurs much human traffic as not only residents come here a lot but also their guests. As one of the home’s public spaces, your living room should immediately make potential buyers feel relaxed and comfortable.

    For that added oomph, you can invest in chic and cozy furniture for both stylish and utilitarian purposes. These can give a punch of color in an otherwise simple room and add dimension through various textures and shapes.

    Don’t forget that walls can be a canvas for your creative schtick. Choose some pieces of wall art to use as statement pieces and as a good way to decorate an otherwise drab surface.

  4. Upgrade your kitchen space

    Depending on the state of your kitchen, it may be time for an upgrade. Adding more counters gives more space to get creative in the kitchen. Updating your rangehood, keeping paint fresh, and adding strategically positioned cupboards are great ideas as well.

  5. Add another bathroom

    Potential buyers who have a growing family or who usually have guests over on a routine basis will appreciate this detail. But if you want to go for gold, then go for a spa style for your bathroom, complete with dimming lights, a combination of wood and stone for floors and walls, potted plants for an organic touch, minimalist but luxe bathroom fixtures (bathtubs, faucets, and showers included), and scented candles to complete the look.

If you’re looking at Pasadena homes for sale or houses for sale in Burbank, CA, then let me help you get the home you’ve always wanted. If you’re selling, I’m also up for getting you a most profitable home sale. Just send me an email at kathy(at)imuragent(dotted)com or give me a call via 818.949.5205.

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