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Back to physical school for La Cañada students Grades 7 to 12

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Reduced focus, a nagging sense of isolation, falling performance—it’s been difficult for many students to adjust to the online method of schooling. If you’re one of the parents who have been longing for the return to in-person learning, you’ll be happy to know that last March, the Los Angeles school board was able to strike a deal with the teacher’s union to welcome students back to LA schools.

Beginning mid-April, elementary students were allowed back to their classrooms, followed by middle and high schoolers later in April or early May.

According to the Los Angeles Times , the deal allows families to choose between in-person and remote learning. Those who select the former will have three hours of in-person classes during mornings on weekdays. After their morning classes, the kids can either go home or wait for their parents to fetch them from an on-campus daycare facility. Early afternoon sessions are reserved for those who choose full-time online classes.

It’s important to note that a return to in-person learning does not necessarily mean going back to the traditional classroom setup. In some schools, returning students will still be learning on their computers while receiving assistance from a school staffer.

The agreement between board and union also includes a new provision for teachers: to avoid excessive workloads, educators will not be required to simultaneously teach students in-person and online. Instead, they will be assigned a mode of teaching, depending on what they agree upon with their respective school authorities.

So are your kids ready to go back to school? Here are some tips to ensure they are well-prepared and protected.

Practice social distancing

To avoid transmission, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) continue to recommend that people in public places such as classrooms remain at least 6 feet (2 meters) apart. Granted, this rule isn’t easy for children to practice, especially after being away from friends for so long. So, make sure to talk to your young ones about the value of continuing physical distancing and preventing transmission of the virus.

Uphold regular sanitation

Reinforce in your kids the value of washing their hands. This becomes even more important as they return to the outside environment. Inject some fun into the activity by singing a catchy song while washing together. Create house rules about hand washing whenever they go outside, and implement them consistently.

Encourage safe socialization

Social time with peers is crucial to the development of children and many parents have worried about the lack of interaction their kids have had with others. Now that they’re back in school, tell them it’s okay to socialize again, as long as they always keep in mind safety and sanitation measures.

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