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Get to Know the Neighborhood You’re Moving Into

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When you are on the hunt for a home, you don’t only look at the home itself but also at the neighborhood where it’s situated. Even if you want your home to be your personal Shangri-La, if it’s located in an area that doesn’t sync with your lifestyle requirements, you’ll likely experience some buyer remorse. 

Thus, as you set your sights on the abode you’ve always wanted from among the beautiful La Cañada homes for sale, first, get to know your future community. Here’s how:

Money talks

Why would you want to compare home values and amenities with other homes in the neighborhood? Because this information can help you a lot in determining if the seller’s price is at par with those of similar homes in the area. To get hold of this data, talk to your real estate agent about having a comparative market analysis (CMA) conducted.  

As for fees on top of the house’s price tag, note that these differ depending on the locale of your potential home. For example, insurance costs are much higher in flood-prone areas. 

Also, check the fees you may need to pay to the community’s homeowners’ association (HOA).

Children’s safety and schooling

If you have kids in tow, you will want to live in a generally safe area with good schools nearby. A neighborhood’s crime rate can negatively impact the values of homes in the area. And while accessibility to good education may not place a dent in property values, it may affect children’s learning curve.

You can find some online resources to check on these indicators. MyLocalCrime zeroes in on a neighborhood’s crime rates after you type in a specific address on their search bar. As for information on schools, specifically those in California, you can visit’s listing of educational institutions in the state.

Know thy neighbor

While you can get plenty of info online about the community you plan to move to, nothing still beats talking with future neighbors for insider information. You’re most likely to hear honest opinions about every character, home, and structure in your block.

Visit the area at different times of the day

It’s a good idea to visit your neighborhood at random times of the day, especially during evenings and weekends. Evening visits will reveal any noise issue. Weekend visits, meanwhile, will allow you to see how vibrant the neighborhood is, especially since most of the townsfolk are present and local events may be happening.

Attend community meetings

Try attending community meetings to understand your neighborhood’s local policies, issues, and upcoming plans. Mostly interactive in nature, these gatherings will let you in on the general resident feedback and local officials’ response regarding issues and developments affecting the community.  

Take a walk

Walkability matters to many people, that’s why it is highly recommended to take a leisurely stroll around your future neighborhood. Apart from finding local gems and nearby amenities, this will give you an idea of how near or how far a certain neighborhood feature will be from your potential home. You can also use Walk Score to see if your nearby coffee shop is easily accessible on foot. If you are into biking, Bike Score lets you know about your neighborhood’s bike-friendliness.

Talk to your agent

Your real estate agent knows the neighborhood like the back of their hands. Ask them questions about the neighborhood you’re checking out – an honest and reliable one will be upfront with you on what to expect from living here. They’re also a valuable resource for insider information.

Make your real estate journey in La Cañada efficient and stress-free by letting me, top-notch local Realtor Kathy Seuylemezian, work with you. Call me at 818.949.5205 or send an email to Kathy(at)imuragent(dotted)com so we can discuss your options.

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