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How smart home automation increases the value of your home

High-Tech Home

Gone are the days when smart home technology was merely seen as frivolity or a status symbol. It has since turned into a necessity, especially since we’re still in the middle of a pandemic and one’s security and safety at home are of prime importance.

Investing in smart home automation makes sense as more potential homebuyers usually ask about these devices during a home search. Many among them are willing to put in the additional money for this kind of technology, not just for the convenience and safety but also for the value they place on the home they’re eyeing. This should work to your advantage, as well.

The following will explain in detail why a smart home is also a home with higher value:

Safety and convenience

As mentioned earlier, these two benefits of having smart home tech rank high among homebuyers. A case in point involves a recent study by the Forbes Real Estate Council on smart home technology. It revealed that a high-tech security system tops all smart home devices chosen by survey respondents when made to choose only one device to install in their home. Having this at home eases stress and anxiety, given the things we hear on the news these days.

Moreover, when everything you need is well within your reach and when tasks are easily accomplished even while you’re away with just a gesture or through pressing a button, then that’s the convenience of smart home tech.

Going green with smart home tech

With more people now better informed about the ills of global warming and the move toward clean and renewable energy, smart home devices with these properties are also becoming increasingly popular among home buyers. There are also appliances that employ inverters for better energy efficiency and bigger savings on utility costs.

Home illumination

Whether you’re moving in a new home or putting your home up for sale, lighting it up the right — and smart — way can make life brighter and draw in attention from among potential buyers.

Smart lighting doesn’t simply illuminate — it complements your lifestyle and needs. Dimmers can set a room in the right mood. Other smart lights can be programmed to turn on when you enter a room and turn off once you leave it. Outdoor smart lighting can automatically turn on once the sun sets then turn off when dawn breaks. All these translate to savings in your electricity bill.

Several appliances, one central control

When before you had to go around a room to turn on lights, the TV, the thermostat, and other appliances before finally settling in to relax, the advent of smart hubs has rendered this chore obsolete. All these appliances can now be connected to a smart hub and be controlled from there. This smart hub could be in the form of a voice assistant speaker (think Alexa or Google Assistant) or a simple mobile app.

With smart home technology, things could only get better, faster, more convenient, and safer. And once you’ve decided on putting your home up for sale, you’re sure to enjoy the windfall of profits from your wise investment.

In your search for real estate with smart home tech in Pasadena or in other Los Angeles County communities, you can count on me — Kathy Seuylemezian — and my team to be your best guides. Contact us at 818.949.5205 or send me an email at kathy(at)imuragent(dotted)com.

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