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LCUSD update: COVID-19 dashboard for 2021-22 SY

children wearing face medical mask back to school after covid19

Since the time face-to-face classes resumed in schools under the La Cañada Unified School District (LCUSD) last fall, a total of 4,570 teachers and staff have been confirmed to be positive of the virus. Meanwhile, 94% of the LCUSD teaching staff have been vaccinated in the school district’s four in-campus vaccination sites. Among students from Grades 7 to 12, 87.6% have been vaccinated.

These figures on the COVID situation at LCUSD are the latest posted as of March 15 in the said school district’s COVID-19 dashboard.

Part of the plan

This dashboard is part of LCUSD’s School Reopening and Safety Plan which was launched during the start of classes for this academic year. It serves as a guide for the entire LCUSD academic community as students returned to the traditional face-to-face classroom setting.

Here are the other finer points of the said plan:

Independent study distance instruction options

The state of California may have lost its distance learning option but local lawmakers were able to pass a bill last year that requires schools to provide independent study programs for students who may still have second thoughts about returning to physical classes in the light of the ongoing pandemic.

For its part, LCUSD formed its own independent study program that combines synchronous instruction (instruction done in tutorial style) and live interaction (instruction with a teacher for school connectedness). It also involves accomplishing learning packets that are appropriate for the student’s grade level.

Daily health screeners

The plan also discusses the need to follow a daily health screener protocol. Every day before the students are sent off to school, a family member needs to log the former’s temperature and answer questions on their health on or its mobile app. The app will provide confirmation if the student is clear to attend classes in person. The said confirmation will be shown to the assigned school staff upon arrival at the school grounds.

Health protocols

The plan also lays out the school district’s set of health protocols that are meant to thwart any possibility of spreading the virus and keep all campuses COVID-free. Some of these protocols include:

  • Knowing how to detect if one is infected by the virus and the next steps to take
  • Mask protocols
  • Protocols for physical distancing
  • A testing plan for any member of the LCUSD academic community who either manifests symptoms of infection or has been exposed to an infected individual
  • Quarantine guidelines
  • Protocols for hand hygiene
  • Ventilation requirements

Campus routines

The plan also lays out changes in several campus routines with the addition of the safety procedures vs COVID.

Guidelines pertaining to travel and sports

The plan also anticipates the opening of opportunities to travel and thus, laid out guides for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals who have travel plans.

LCUSD also expects a return to the sports scene but is firm in setting anti-COVID guidelines approved by the state and local health agencies for hosting sporting events.

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