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Pros and cons of buying a home near schools

brother and sister racing to catch the school bus

One of the biggest attractions of real estate in La Cañada Flintridge is the abundance of schools in the area that have figured constantly in listings of academic top rankers. Living close to these schools can prove to be advantageous especially for those with school-age children. Then again, there are also certain drawbacks that the discerning homebuyer should know about.

The following are several pros and cons of buying a house near schools:



  • Your child can just walk to and from school and get some sun and exercise while doing so.
  • If there are several of them from the same neighborhood enrolled in the same school, then your child will have walking buddies who can help in developing their social interaction skills and in making friends.
  • You and your child can sleep in a little more before the little one heads for school.
  • As the parent, you won’t need to spend on bus fees so you enjoy more savings.

The promise of higher resale value

You’re lucky to consider La Cañada in your home search as it is where you’ll find the La Cañada Unified School District — recognized as one of the best-performing districts in the state and in the country Several of its schools have landed in the Department of Education’s listing of National Blue Ribbon Schools over the years.

And where there are good schools, you’ll be sure to find interested homebuyers who’d also want their own children to benefit from quality education as only districts like LCUSD can provide. These buyers will naturally gravitate toward your home and will pay a good price for it.

Safer neighborhoods

Being neighbors with a school also means benefiting from the tight security measures that the school enforces in and around its vicinity 24/7. Rest assured, your home will be protected from strangers with bad intentions and your kids will be safe in the short walk to and from school.


Increased traffic

Every school day, especially during drop-off and pick-up times, you’ll have to contend with more vehicles passing through your neighborhood and causing traffic. This issue could go into the night when the school near your home has a special event.

The noise

Never underestimate the power of young people in groups to create a ruckus even while just passing by your place. Also, consider school events that may have blaring speakers. If it’s a sports event, you will know the game’s status even if you weren’t on campus.


Safety may be optimal when you live near a school but you may not be able to avoid trespassers trampling on your lawn or kids being naughty while passing by.

A sensible solution

For the major issues concerning living near a school, perhaps it’s wise to live a little farther away from these venues of learning — just beyond the areas where traffic gridlocks occur and where many young people pass by, but close enough for your own kids to keep walking to and from school in a short span of time.

For more sound advice on choosing the best home for you in any of the communities of La Cañada, seek out the guaranteed real estate professional in the area — Kathy Seuylemezian. Contact us today at 818.949.5205 or email me at kathy(at)imuragent(dotted)com.

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