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Three simple ways to maintain your home’s value

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The value of your home doesn’t rest solely on the property itself but on other factors as well. Neighborhood comps might have a role to play, not to mention the overall quality of the house’s location. Market movements and economic indicators can also affect your home’s value. 

With the possibility of change always at the doorstep, is it possible to keep your home’s value? The answer is yes. Here are three simple ways to maintain your home’s value regardless of what life throws. 

  1. Make maintenance a routine

    Some features of your home need regular check-ups. It’s a good way to determine what’s healthy and functioning and what needs to be replaced. Furthermore, routine maintenance can help you avoid high repair costs in case something goes awry.

    It helps to create a maintenance calendar so you can keep tabs on what you need to do. Range hood filters, HVAC filters, and sink disposals need to be cleaned on a monthly basis. Smoke detectors must be checked at least every quarter. The house must receive an intensive deep cleaning twice a year. There are also a couple of things to do depending on the season.

    Check out this handy home maintenance checklist and use it as a base for your own.

  2. Make upgrades when needed

    If your house’s age is creeping up slowly, it may be time to consider and eventually do certain upgrades to keep up with the times. It makes sense to do away with outdated appliances (especially in the kitchen) and replace them with energy-saving ones.

    Home features that no longer work also necessitates replacing. Upgrade old water fixtures that are inefficient, replace leaky pipes, and whatnot. If you’re not sure where to start, invite a home inspector to take a look at your house to see what needs to be replaced.

    Some upgrades can ultimately boost your home’s value so check first and plan renovations carefully if this is your end goal.

  3. Keep up the curb appeal

    What’s inside your house isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to maintaining your property’s value. What’s outside counts, too!

    Step out onto the street and look at the house to determine the sprucing up it needs. Does it need a fresh coat of paint, perhaps in a different color? Do you need to fix the flower beds and prune overgrown plants? How’s the landscaping? Does it need a retouch?

    Your house’s aesthetic appeal not only reflects your capable hand as a homeowner— it can also help boost the overall attractiveness of the neighborhood.

In conclusion, taking care of your house is the best way to maintain its value. When a house is well taken care of, it will stand the test of time. That’s a great thing even if you are not planning on selling your home any time soon.

If you’d like to learn more about house values and homes for sale in Pasadena and La Cañada, get in touch with me today at 818.949.5205 or Kathy(at)imuragent(dotted)com.

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