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What to look for in a luxury real estate agent

With a narrower pool of potential buyers, luxury homes require more attention when selling. But not everyone knows how to go about this. So the best option is to hire high end real estate agents who can help you out.

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These people can assist you in all the aspects of home selling. They can also help you figure out the right value for your luxury home. Below, we’ve listed what to look for in a luxury real estate agent. We’ll go into these characteristics in detail, so make sure to read through our guide.

Has Enough Experience

Luxury homes are challenging to sell. So hiring real estate agents with enough experience can help you close the deal on your house quickly. You can gauge how experienced they are by checking the track record of their sales.

They must have a history of closing big deals. Otherwise, they might not be able to sell your luxury home quickly. You can also check their certifications, license, and awards. Apart from this, reading their reviews on the internet is essential.

Competitive But Well-Mannered

Hiring competitive agents is the key to keeping up with the real estate industry. They must know how the market works and its latest trends. They must also understand your beliefs and your prospective buyers’ wants.

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But take note that your sales agents must also be friendly. They should entertain questions from you and your prospective buyers. On top of that, they must be confident, honest, well-groomed, and welcoming.


Luxury real estate agents must be hardworking. They must have careful attention, even to the smallest details of your home. Apart from this, they must be prompt when answering calls and scheduling appointments with potential buyers.

Excellent Marketing Skills

Although homes have the power to sell themselves, this only happens to an extent, especially when dealing with luxury homes. Thus, great real estate agents must have excellent marketing skills.

They must consider the latest technological trends. Creative listing photos and videos can also easily attract potential buyers. Having a customized website where you can place your property listing is also essential.

Has Enough Connections

Expert real estate agents must have a network of connections to sell your luxury home. Some may have a contact list of direct buyers and other luxury salespeople. They must also be willing to work with other agents, especially if that’ll close the deal on your house more quickly.

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Knows The Local Neighborhood

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Lastly, your luxury real estate agent must know the local industry. He or she must know the ins and outs of the neighborhood to sell your home successfully. Otherwise, your buyers won’t feel at ease with their new community.

When it comes to home selling, you need to consider its maintenance, staging, and, of course, advertising. Without these, you won’t be able to sell your house quickly. At Imuragent, we promise only the best real estate services. Whether you’re from La Crescenta/Montrose, Altadena, or Burbank, make sure to contact us. You can also contact me, Kathy Seuylemezian, at 818.378.7928 or through Kathy(at)imuragent(dotted)com.

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