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4 Home-Selling Do’s and Don’ts

Eventually, most homeowners come to the point where they’re ready to sell their home. Whether they’re looking to resize, move to a new location, or just switch things up; selling a property is a necessary first step.

And, I’m here to take it with you. Here are some helpful tips that will streamline the home selling process; keeping you secure, comfortable, and stress-free.

Always do these 2 things when selling your home:

Hire the Right Agent for You

Working with the right agent is a key step in cultivating a successful sale. Not all agents have the same workflows, connections, and transaction processes. Since everyone approaches the sale differently, it’s important that sellers find an agent that they trust.

Create a Winning Online Listing

A property is only as good as it’s listing.

Your property’s online listing will likely be what introduces your home to prospective buyers. It’s not the ‘for sale’ sign in the front yard that attracts today’s shoppers. Most of today’s homebuyers first hit the web to explore their local markets. With this being the case, online listings need to be eye-catching and effective to generate serious leads.

Don’t leave out any information and be as thorough and clear as possible. Include high definition photography and videography to catch the attention of prospective buyers. Use tactics that stand out from the crowd and boost your property’s appeal.

Following these two steps will help boost your property’s sale.

Homesellers, beware. Avoid making these 2 mistakes during your transaction:

Don’t Ignore Lower-Priced Offers

Don’t close the door on offers that don’t meet your pricing expectations. Sellers should keep an open mind and at least review the terms of the offers they’re getting – even if they don’t meet their price point.

What starts off as a seemingly low offer can potentially end up being a great sales opportunity. Don’t underestimate the power of negotiation – you never know where the conversation might land. While you don’t want to chase after fruitless deals, you also don’t want to shut down a potential buyer.

Sellers have nothing to lose by pursuing their offers.

Don’t Make Disclosure Mistakes

The most important thing that sellers need to remember is to always be careful during the disclosure process.

The seller’s disclosure is an official document in which the seller discloses all known defects and conditions that the property has. This is where the buyer gets the cold truth about the home – including all of the good and bad.

When problems arise with their new homes, buyers often come after the seller with a lawsuit. If you don’t fill out the disclosures honestly and completely, you can be facing legal issues down the line. Keep yourself safe and be careful.

Good luck with selling your home! If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in California’s La Cañada or Pasadena areas, visit my website. I’m happy to help you take the next steps.

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