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Top home security systems for your peace of mind

portrait of a senior woman adjusting a smart system in her home

No matter where you live or how big your home is, you want to make sure that you won’t have a anything to worry about every time you leave your house or lock the doors at night. A home security system can help you with that.

There are plenty of benefits. First, it protects your family from intruders or any incidents, such as a fire or carbon monoxide leaks. Second, your valuables will be protected. Third, having a home security system can lower your homeowners insurance by up to 20%. And fourth, if you are traveling or away for an extended period, you get real-time updates on your home.

Here are several top home security systems available in the market if you’re planning to have one installed soon.

  • Vivint. Vivint is ideal for those who want the best smart home integrations in their security system. Apart from controlling security features, you can also manage other smart devices in your home, such as door locks, lights, and thermostats. Any suspicious activity is reported to Vivint’s 24/7 monitoring centers. Vivint offers the Doorbell Camera Pro, which keeps an eye on any packages that arrive on your doorstep.
  • SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe is a great choice for homeowners and renters, offering fuss-free installation without having to drill into walls. They also offer several packages, tailor-fit to meet different needs. If there’s any suspicious activity, the monitoring center will be alerted, and emergency services dispatched if needed. Fun fact: Their motion sensors are engineered to detect humans’ heat signature—they won’t set off any alarms in case you have pets.
  • ADT. ADT has long been one of the leading home security systems in the country. They also offer different security packages at various price points. You can start out with the Basic package, which includes intrusion detection and round-the-clock monitoring. If you want to go all out, the Complete package comes with a touchscreen panel, smart home automation, video surveillance, and remote access.
  • Frontpoint. Frontpoint offers flexible security plans, as well as various monitoring equipment, from security cameras to intrusion and hazard sensors. This way, you can monitor your home for any break-ins and other emergencies. You can control your system through the Frontpoint mobile app, allowing you to arm and disarm your system and review camera footage and security alerts.
  • Abode. Customization is the keyword for Abode. Through an online questionnaire, you can protect your home based exactly on your needs and preferences. Based on your answers, the app will recommend a package that fits your security needs. This plan comes with an array of devices, from motion sensors to smart device integration. It’s also up to you if you want to opt for professional monitoring or otherwise.

Whichever of these top home security systems you choose, always make sure to take into consideration your budget, your needs, and your level of comfort. Check out my blog to find more resources on how you can make the most out of your home.

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