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brother and sister racing to catch the school bus

Pros and cons of buying a home near schools

One of the biggest attractions of real estate in La Cañada Flintridge is the abundance of schools in the area that have figured constantly in listings of academic top rankers. Living close to these schools can prove to be advantageous espe...

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Home Appraisal

All you need to know about home appraisal

Whether you’re buying a house on a mortgage, selling it, or you’re applying for refinancing, a home appraisal is an important segment of these processes that shouldn’t be skipped. For home buyers interested in California real estate, ...

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Understanding fair housing laws in California

One of the most basic civil rights of every American is the right to shelter, and California is one state that drives this point home through its fair housing laws. Background Noted for its close similarity to federal fair housing law...

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handsome man carrying boxes moving into a new home and female partner

How to move safely amid the lingering pandemic

Moving to a new home under normal circumstances is stressful; more so if done during a pandemic. Apart from the standard planning and preparation that comes with moving house, there’s the added task of making sure you take the necessary p...

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businessman in office with problem

5 Possible reasons why your home isn’t selling

Selling a house, especially in California, should be relatively easy -- considering the real estate market climate in the state. But if your home still isn’t selling despite the favorable market trends, then you need to find out why. Chec...

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How fast should a home seller respond to an offer?

If there’s anything that the pandemic-induced real estate buzz has shown us, it’s that homes can sell like hotcakes. With multiple offers coming in left and right, sellers often ask themselves and their agents: how long should I take to...

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